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Nuovo Devoto-Oli

Nuovo Devoto-Oli. Il vocabolario dell’italiano contemporaneo is a new version of one of the best-known monolingual dictionaries of the Italian language. Named after Giacomo Devoto and Gian Carlo Oli, it is edited by Luca Serianni and Maurizio Trifone since 2004. Devoto-Oli is published annually by the Le Monnier publishing house.

Mondadori Education:

Fifty years after the first publication, the New Devoto-Oli is out. Not a new edition, but a new idea of ​​a dictionary: a slender volume and a richer digital version, strongly integrated with each other, for a user experience that responds to the needs of the contemporary reader. The printed version, completely renewed in the graphics, presents pages that can be easily consulted thanks to the ‘navigation triplets’ and to an organization of the lemmas that allows to quickly find the desired information.

Designed by Leftloft using Sole Serif (CAST), Nitti Grotesk (Bold Monday) and Leftloft’s own LFT Iro Sans Symbols (TypeTogether).