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Porto Academy project, 5th edition

The Porto Academy project, going for its 5th edition in 2017, is a yearly architecture summer school held at FAUP (Porto University’s Architecture Faculty). It includes conferences, visits and classes. The founders say “Porto Academy doesn’t pretend to be an institution, to us Porto Academy is a compliment to the school”.

VOLTA has been involved in this project since the beginning, designing their identity in 2013. But this year, Porto Academy wanted something different and they called us to create the new Porto Academy identity, in a way that would be intuitive, institutional, practical and timeless.

We opted for a very clean and simples aesthetic, supported by smart use of typography and flat colours that have been part of the brand since the beginning.
The logo can stretch and collapse in 2 lines, as if it was in an editable text box. All of the identity was inspired by the architecture technical drawings graphic language (like blueprints, sections, facades…), that are present in each single piece created. The stationery, merchandising and website design are good examples of the possibilities the graphic language of the new Porto Academy identity can give to its multiple applications.