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Kanto tour guides

Shibaura House asked 10 foreigners living in Kanto to design half day and one day tours, primarily for Japanese to re-discover their country with a new perspective.

Ian Lynam: A set of ten tour guides of the Kanto region, each by a prominent foreign member of the Tokyo community for Shibaura House. This project was really fun, as it was co-designed with ace hybrid designer/developer, Thien Huynh. Each guide was printed on different colored paper stock using a complementary ink color using Risograph printing.

The tour areas and guides include Tokaido by Lucas Badtke-Berkow; Suginami by Jared Braiterman; Setagaya by Alex Sonderegger; Shibuya by Vivian Morelli; Niijima by Susanna Baer; Yokohama by Kim Min Jung; Sawai by Chris Berthelsen; Yurakucho by Jean Snow;
Minato City by Kaaren Kunze; Yokohama by Puji Natadjaja.